The best wines to have with steak

Everyone knows that red wine and steak go hand-in-hand like the best of friends. So much so, does it even matter which one you choose? Of course it does!

The highly experienced and knowledgeable chefs and bartenders here at Masons have put their heads together to give you some incredible top tips and recommendations on the very best wines to go with your steak. Keep them in mind for your next meal out.

Top tips for choosing wine

  • The scale of steaks range from rare to well done – we’re sure you know that – but did you know that the rarer a steak is cooked, the more it will have an impact on the sensation of tannins that are in the accompanying wine?
  • If your steak is particularly fatty, you will need a more robust wine to stand up to it. For example, a ribeye steak pairs better with a rhône red, whereas a fillet goes well with a pinot noir
  • Consider the cut of your steak. This will be listed in the menu when you order it but if you’re unsure you can always ask your waiter when placing your order. If they don’t know they’ll check with the chef but the different cuts of meat will have different flavours and these will be accentuated by different wines
  • If your steak is charred, it’ll taste more bitter, therefore you’ll want a sweeter and more ripe wine to go alongside it
  • Don’t forget the sauce! It can completely change the outcome of your wine conundrum. If you have a rich sauce, your wine will need to stand up to it. The more peppery your sauce, the more you’ll want to tone down the wine so it doesn’t make each mouthful too spicy
  • How old is your wine? The older it is, ease back on the sauce and instead serve the steak with its natural juice
  • If your wine is a vintage, consider eating your steak more on the medium-rare side as opposed to either extreme

Our top wine recommendations

Bordeaux – A European-blend of Cabernet and Merlot, a Bordeaux is a strong and popular choice to accompany a steak dinner. This kind of wine tends to have more tannins and acid than wines made from Californian grapes, so it pairs well with a sauce that is rich and buttery.

Napa Valley Cabernet – Pairing this American wine with a grilled steak is a classic combination that is guaranteed to go down a treat. You can’t go wrong no matter what steak or sauce you’re eating.

Zinfandel – As you may know, steaks are often paired with sweet spices or chilli sauces, and if that’s what you’re eating, then you’re going to want to try a Zinfandel alongside each mouthful. This wine is lower in tannins compared to others, but it’s still rich enough to bring out the flavours of the steak. It also works perfectly with sweet sauces.

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