Ham Hock and Mustard Terrine – from Lincolnshire

Our Ham Hock and Mustard Terrine has been one of the breakout stars on the Masons menu since we opened in November. It was well loved at our media lunch attended by over 20 discerning food journalists including Gordo from Manchester Confidential, loved this classic dish with a twist. So, to help with your menu decisions next time you dine, here’s what makes this starter so delicious.

For those that haven’t had terrine before, it’s like a chunkier paté which is usually shaped in a small terrine or loaf tin. Our ham is cooked for over four hours – until the meat falls off the bone, for an amazingly tender juicy meat, and the stock which is then added to the terrine includes juniper berries, five spice and star anise. To accompany the dish, a reduced pineapple chutney is served to balance the bite of the mustard in our terrine.

We think one of the reasons for the popularity of this particular dish is that it’s  is served with a deep fried and breaded poached egg which even if we say so ourselves is an out of this world pairing to the meaty terrine which you have to try. In fact, we think some of our customers would order this Masons dish for that fact alone. 

The dishes that we offer at Masons Restaurant Bar are sourced from across the British-Isles, and so as you can expect, our food is not only of exceptional high quality, but fantastic value for money too. View our full menu here or book your table here, we look forward to seeing you soon!


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