Dukesmoor Steak

You can find two Dukesmoor steak dishes on the Masons a la carte menu – the 10 oz Dukesmoor Rib Eye Steak and the 8oz Dukesmoor Seared Fillet Salad.

We are confident that there are no better steaks to be sourced in the British Isles than those from Dukesmoor. All Dukesmoor cows are raised to exacting standards which sees them graze naturally and provided with a superior and specially formulated feed of barley, oats, straw and molasses to improve digestion and which gives the meat its distinctive marbling. They are then fed a specialist finishing feed for their last 100 days on the farm. Following this all Dukesmoor steaks are expert graded by a master butcher before it is dry aged to reduce moisture and improve flavour even further.

An important aspect of the Masons’ ethos is that we won’t be short-changing our valued guests when it comes to portion size – with even our Seared Fillet Salad offering a sizeable 8oz steak. And because all our menu options include side dishes our steak courses also represent excellent value for money.

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