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How to: The perfect Margarita cocktail

Cocktails – when done right there’s nothing better. Meeting friends? Yep. Birthday party? Oh yes. Entertaining friends? It’s a must. It’s pivotal that you know what you’re doing, however, otherwise you’re going to end up making something that tastes like vinegar and vodka, and nobody wants that. We’re going to take a look at the […]

Our Brand New Winter Menu

Award winning ‘Restaurant of the Year’, Masons Restaurant Bar, is delighted to release a brand new winter menu which is available from today (26th October). The brand new menu nods at the history of the iconic Grade II listed building and former Freemasons-Hall, just as the name and beautifully designed Freemasons-inspired interior does. The delectable […]

Top 5 healthiest foods people should eat (but probably don’t)

We all try to be healthy. And we all know that there are certain foods out there that are much better for us than others. Superfoods the bloggers like to call them. But this isn’t just an ordinary blog post listing superfoods. It’s a blog post that lists five weird and wonderful foods that we […]