8 unusual cocktails you’ve never heard of to try on your next night out

Happy hour is a time that should be enjoyed. So if you find yourself getting a little bored of the same old drinks night after night, why not mix things up? Literally.

These eight cocktails may be unusual and off-the-radar – you may have to help the bartender out a little – but we promise that it’s well worth the time and effort.

1. The Twelve Mile Limit

Try this if you like: A Long Island Iced Tea

What’s in it? Rye whiskey, white rum, brandy, lemon juice, and grenadine – it packs one hell of a punc

Final thoughts: Jump back almost a hundred years and this cocktail would be incredibly popular. That’s right, the Twelve Mile Limit hails from the Prohibition era and, as you’ll probably guess from the ingredients, we’re sure it’s one of the booziest cocktails you’ll ever sip.

2. Copa Verde

Try this if you like: Margaritas

What’s in it? Water, tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, and avocado

Final thoughts: While avocado mixed with alcohol may sound strange to you, we believe this is the cocktail of millenials, and the avo’s smoothness adds a completely new layer. It already sounds like a margarita with a boost but it sits perfectly on its own or side-by-side with Mexican food or Spanish tapas.

3. Bijou

Try this if you like: Whisky sours

What’s in it? Sweet vermouth, dry gin, green Chartreuse, and orange bitters

Final thoughts: If you can’t resist a bit of whisky at the end of a long day, but don’t want anything too sweet along with it, this cocktail is the one for you. The big and rich flavour of the whisky is perfectly complemented by a hint of herbs.

4. Green Ghost

Try if you like: Gin and tonic

What’s in it? Gin, green Chartreuse, and lime juice

Final thoughts: It’s plain and simple, just like a good old gin and tonic, and perfect if you like a little sugar and spice. If you’d rather have more lime in your G&T, this is the drink for you. It’s not just a pretty face, too, as its flavour matches its aesthetics.

5. Diamondback

Try if you like: Manhattans

What’s in it? Rye whiskey, green Chartreuse, and applejack

Final thoughts: Bold and strong, the Diamondback isn’t for the fainthearted. The tang of apple juice mixes together well with the whiskey, each one complementing the other perfectly. If you’ve had a bit of a tough week at work, then this one will take the edge off on a Friday night. 

6. Caipirinha

Try if you like: Mojitos

What’s in it? Cachaça, brown sugar, and lime

Final thoughts: This may be an unusual cocktail over here in the city of Manchester, but the Caipirinha is actually the national drink of Brazil. If you love a bit of Latin America in your food and drink, this will give it to you, just with a little simpler. It’s a down-to-earth drink with no fuss and all the taste.

7. Vancouver

Try if you like: Martinis

What’s in it? Gin, Benedictine, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters

Final thoughts: If you appreciate a blast from the past, this flashback to the 1800s cocktail scene is right up your street, especially if you’re a little fond of Canada. It’s cool, elegant and incredibly chic; the Vancouver will go down a treat.

8. French 75

Try if you like: Mimosas

What’s in it? Gin, champagne, sugar, and lemon juice

Final thoughts: The bottom line about this one; it’s sweet. The combination of champagne and citrus is one that you will adore. If you’re a fan of brunch then sit back and enjoy. It may seem a little unusual and off-the-cuff, but this combination of liquor and champagne is one that we truly love.

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