6 telltale signs you’re a foodie

A foodie is defined as someone who has a refined interest in food. They don’t just eat food out of necessity, hunger or a need to survive, but also due to their invested interest. To a foodie, food is a hobby.

Whether you wear your foodie name like a badge of honour, or it’s taken you a while to embrace it, there are certain telltale signs to look out for, especially if you’re unsure if it applies to you.

1. You don’t crave “normal” food

And when you do get cravings, you take them very very seriously. When a craving strikes – and it won’t be one for chocolate or crisps – then you have to catch them with both hands before they disappear again.

Cravings are an incredible time for your taste buds; it’s almost as if they get a renewed sense of vigour and bounce, so why not jump at the chance to enjoy your favourite food that way? Whether you’re craving a specific kind of superfood salad or you’ve wanted to have seafood all day long, we say go for it and hop on the bandwagon!

2. You never order the same thing at a restaurant

There are some people out there who prefer to rely on old favourites when it comes to eating out. After all, ordering a meal that you’re not 100% happy with can sometimes be a bit of a gamble and the last thing you want is to be disappointed with something you’ve paid good money for.

But you’re not one of those people.

That’s not to say you don’t have difficulty choosing between different things on the menu – of course you do – but we’d say it’s pretty obvious you’re a foodie when you’re desperately looking forward to trying them all.

3. You professionally photograph your food

You may not have a whole camera crew with you, but you still have no shame in whipping out your smartphone and clambering onto a chair to get the best possible angle of your food. You’re not a snob about it; you just appreciate fine food and its presentation. If anything you’re paying homage to the chef, right?

We’re sure you don’t need to, but in case you wanted to brush up on your food-Instagramming skills, we’ve written a handy little guide for you.

4. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty

Literally speaking, of course. Whether it’s the blackberries that grow in the field behind your house, the damson tree on the lane to your local park, or the horse chestnuts that you used to knock down as a kid, you know where to find all the best raw produce nearby. And you’re not afraid to go and get it either.

Once you harvested and gathered to your heart’s content, you love to get into the kitchen and make anything and everything you can from scratch.

5. You have a cupboard full of recipes

Being a foodie doesn’t just mean that you have to eat out at five star restaurants for every meal of the day. It also means that you understand food and enjoy handling it, cooking with it and tasting the effort that you put into making your own dishes.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have cupboards practically bursting at the seams with cookbooks from your favourite chefs, and handwritten cards and scraps of paper that have been handed down by friends and family members. Not only that, but as you learn and play about with your own recipes, you add more and more to your collection.

6. You always want to learn

Whether it’s learning how to use a new culinary tool you’ve just treated yourself to, or practicing a new technique, you’ll find it easy to spend hours and hours watching cooking shows and videos on YouTube. You don’t even have to make the dishes yourself!

What we’re saying is that The Food Network is your go-to channel every time you sit down to relax in front of the TV.

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